Shooting 8×10 again!

white-river-falls,-may-2017I finally made it down to the viewpoint at White River Falls with an 8×10 camera in May.  My left knee was well enough to attempt the climb down with 70 pounds of camera gear.  There may be hope yet.


Potsdam, New York


Racquette River, Potsdam, NY

Traveling with large format cameras is a challenge these days. All the scanners, X-ray machines, and TSA employees scratching their heads, and asking, “What is this?” repeatedly while dismantling my carefully packed camera bag. I had to mail my film ahead of my arrival, and plead with the Post Office to not X-ray it. Careful planning pays off, though. None of my film was fogged, and I got plenty of good images. My main trouble was with dust on my negatives because I didn’t have access to an air compressor, or a dust-free room when I loaded my film.

Sometime in during the next 10 years, I will be retiring to Potsdam, NY (Gaia’s hometown). The landscape photographic possibilities of the area are limited when compared to Oregon. Although, the architecture and history of the area should be fascinating. I will also finally get a chance to photograph in the upper Northeast, and NYC.

This is another image from my East Coast trip back in June. A storm was brewing, the wind was picking up, and the light was fading. I had to keep the shutter speed above 1/125th even on the tripod.

Camera: Super Speed Graphic 4×5.
Lens: 135mm Wollensak Optar.
Film: Fuji Acros 100 Quickload developed in Kodak HC-110.

Note 4/8/18:  Uploaded much better version.