The Eastern Columbia Gorge.  

Windmills, Maryhill Loop Road

I’ve been falling in love with the eastern Columbia Gorge for about a decade, so one would think that the falling would be done by now.  I grew up in the deciduous forests of central Pennsylvania, where summers were lush, and the thunderstorms rolled in at the end of the hottest days, and the grass there stayed green until the cold of December made the landscape white.  The great, arid expanses of the American west, specifically Oregon for me, are like an alien planet.  I’m fascinated by the undulating hills, devoid of trees, and teeming with grasses that turn golden in mid June.  There’s a stark beauty that dryness creates.  It’s alien to me because I’m an an east coast boy, but it’s familiar and evocative as a “Roadrunner and Coyote” cartoon (yes, it’s in my blood because of Looney Toons).  The old west beckons from the 19th century in the American Psyche via western movies, but the windmills are ushering in the 21st century.  I’ll take both centuries.  I’ll take the landscape.  I’ll take the dry grasses and White Oak trees.  Throw in Google, wind power, and a camera from 1946, and I’m in heaven.   


Pendleton, Oregon. March 2013

Gaia and I went to Pendleton, Oregon in March on a well deserved vacation. It was entirely too windy to get out my 8×10 camera, but I could hand hold my Speed Graphic if I kept the shutter speed high. Here is the first picture. Watch this space for more to come.

Old Warehouse, Pendleton, Oregon.  March 2013

Old Warehouse, Pendleton, Oregon. March 2013

Camera: Speed Graphic 4×5.
Lens: 127mm Kodak Ektar.
Film: Fuji Astia.