Gins # 8

Sharpness has been the goal of lens manufacturers for over a century.

But, not the only goal. To wit: the 16″ Kodak Portrait lens. Softness was the goal when this lens was made way back when Kodak was a real photography company. I bought this lens from Blue Moon Camera & Machine in Portland, Oregon. This is my first picture from it. More to follow.


The 760mm SK Grimes Lens


The SK Grimes lens is the one on the upper right. It doesn’t look like much, but the focal length is 760mm. On an 8×10 camera it requires almost a yard of bellows draw. I refer to it as “SK Grimes” because they built the lens, possibly out of an old Nikkor copy lens. SK Grimes is a machine shop in Woonsocket, RI. They specialize in placing old optics in new lenses (barrels). Since their logo is on it, they get the credit.

St. Johns Bridge, Spring 2012

Shot with the 760mm SK Grimes lens.

It’s a slow lens. The widest aperture is f14. It’s razor sharp, though. It’s also uncoated, which means that it needs a lens shade, and has lower contrast, which can be a plus with modern, high contrast films. It covers 8×10 with room to spare, so camera movements, such as tilt and swing, are possible.