New Photo Exhibit at The Leaky Roof


New images at the Leaky Roof in Portland. SW 16th & Jefferson. Come on down, and support a fine, local business.


New Exhibit at Park Place Coffee

For folks who live in Portland, Oregon, I have a new exhibit at Park Place Coffee at 1289 SE 182nd Ave. Come on down and check it out. Get a coffee of crepe while you’re there. Help support an awesome local business.


October 2012 Exhibit at Anna Bananna’s in North Portland


My photography will be on display at Anna Bananna’s at 8716 N Lombard St in Portland, Oregon.  This will be a themed show consisting of waterfall images.  I can’t think of a better way to usher in the rainy season.  The show will run throughout October.

Showing at Anna Banann’s in October