Gary L. Quay

Gary L. Quay,


Co-owner of Foolscape Imagery in Hood River, Oregon

In a world of pixels and computerized cameras, one man is still proudly well behind the times.  That would be me.  I shun the opium of speed and instant gratification, and opt instead for the slow zen of quality.  In my decidedly old-fashioned darkroom, I mix formulae that were developed in the wee hours of the 20th Century and put to use by masters such as Ansel Adams and Edward Weston.   Film is my medium.  The darkroom is my playground.  I live and play in Hood River, Oregon.

I sell my work at galleries and cafe’s around Portland, and soon in Hood River.  I can fill online orders.  Contact me for sizes and price info the email address listed below.  To see what I have to offer, check out my Flickr page.

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