Infrared Church, Colton NY

This is from my East Coast trip last Spring.

I have a few more rolls of my favorite film, Konica IR 750, which was discontinued in 2006, in my freezer. I shot this roll over nearly a year, choosing each subject carefully while trying to remember how to use the stuff.

©2014 Gary L. Quay

©2014 Gary L. Quay

I took a chance on development. I tried a new (to me) developer called Divided D-23. It’s a variation on Kodak’s D-23, and was the version that Ansel Adams used briefly. I used it on a less precious roll of film before trying it on this. The results were stunning. Some of the infrared look is missing, but I think the visual is quite nice.


From the Vaults # 2

One of my best-selling photographs.


I was out with Gaia, with my newly acquired 50mm Carl Zeiss lens and my Hasselblad. I wanted to get pictures of this caboose, and the weather was cooperating. I was lucky, because a week later the caboose was vandalized (in a bad way), and it just wasn’t the same.