From the Vaults

The friend who posed for this picture informed me that it was 15 years ago.

East Berlin.jpg

I was new to medium format, and to handheld meters, but I nailed the exposure on Kodak Tech Pan. I perched my tripod on a flatbed truck, and shot this with my 80mm Zeiss lens.

Mike was wearing an East German Colonel’s uniform, and the idea was to express the state of affairs in the former Soviet Bloc in 1999 with a little humor.


Living in the Columbia Gorge.


Gaia and I are looking to buy, or build, a house in the place where I do most of my photography: the Columbia Gorge. We want a spot on the dryer side, past Hood Rivet, or any place that has less pollution than Portland. This blog has been all about film photography, and it still will be in the future, but I feel the need to let everyone know that we may be on the move soon, and that my commute to Portland down I-84 every day could yield more photography, much like driving across the Marquam at 6:00 AM did for my Hawthorne Bridge pictures did a few years ago. You can see those pictures at my Flickr page. If Gaia’s health improves, we’ll be staying there. The photographs will follow. All will be film photography. That will be the hardest part. Imagine putting a professional darkroom in a RV.

Our plan is to live in a RV until we find the place where Gaia’s health is best, and then to build a house there. Allergies suck. The photography could be awesome