Gins # 8

Sharpness has been the goal of lens manufacturers for over a century.

But, not the only goal. To wit: the 16″ Kodak Portrait lens. Softness was the goal when this lens was made way back when Kodak was a real photography company. I bought this lens from Blue Moon Camera & Machine in Portland, Oregon. This is my first picture from it. More to follow.


Angel’s Rest Trail, Part 2

Adam Robins, a friend and fellow photographer, and I made it to the top of the Angel’s Rest trail today. I didn’t take as much gear, and I took more water. The trail was shrouded in mist, and a light rain fell at times. We heard thunder on occasion.

When we reached the top, there was very little to see, as we were inside a cloud. It was raining below us. Very odd. I took a few pictures with my Nikon F3, and we headed back down. Then, we celebrated our victory at McMennamins Edgefield.

It was a good day.